Hitcric India v South Africa, Pakistan v NZ Live Cricket streaming & Touchcric, Cricpass, Cricsmart Live Matches

Live Cricket for India v South Africa, Pakistan v NZ: Watching live cricket online is very popular among the cricket fans across Asia. Cricket fans of such different countries are used to watch live cricket streaming online on various sites like hitcric, cricsmart, touchcric, cricpass etc. On, Smartcric.com India v SA, we add all the updates for how to watch ongoing live cricket streaming online for free.

In this article, we will provide you various alternatives for such different live cricket servers that include names like hitcric, touchcric, cricpass cricket matches. Unlike, smartcric and crictime live cricket servers, hitcric and touchcric servers are no more available. So, the users who have seen the live cricket streaming on such sites in the past are looking for the different resources for watching live cricket streaming online for free.

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One of such very popular server that was in existence for a long time is Hitcric. But a few months ago, hitcric was banned by Google and it was never renewed by its owner.

Alternative: Crictime.com РLive Cricket Streaming

Such same thing also happened with other servers like touchcric, cricsmart,cricpass etc too.

The reason behind the ban of such hitcric cricket server is not widely known to cricket fans because the website admin never discusses the issues they get from the copyright holders. So, most of the hitcric cricket fans do wonder that what can be the obvious reason for the hitcric ban?

Ok, the main reason for any website ban is copyright strikes, copyright claims made in DMCA are generally the biggest reason for the deletion and suspension of the web domain.

This same thing has happened with the cricket servers of hitcric, cricsmart, touchcric, cricpass etc.


Cricsmart was also such kind of live cricket watching server to watch live cricket streaming in the year of 2014-15. But due to the copyright strikes, it was banned by Google.

Alternative: Smartcric


Touchcric live cricket streaming is also no more in existence as it was banned by Google in DMCA filed by the Novi Digital.

Novi Digital is the copyright wing for the hotstar and star sports network.

Touchcric was widely used in smartphones across India. But, right now, you can no more get any access to the touchcric live cricket streaming servers.

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Cricpass live cricket streaming server is also banned.

Cricpass cricket fans are now forced to move to the other working servers due to the banning of cricpass. Cricpass has some similar sites like crictime live cricket streaming site.

In 2018, live cricket streaming online will be watched by a huge crowd in India as most of the Indian youth use the internet now. Internet’s wide use has been a gift from Reliance Jio. Jio revolutionized the internet definition the in India.

You can check the live cricket streaming updates on crictime and smartcric. Click here to get it.